Nevin Appel was born in Lancaster, PA., but, while a teenager, moved to Seattle, WA.

He began playing guitar and composing in1976, but any connection between his arrival in Seattle and the eruption of Mount St. Helens is purely coincidental, although some of the locals might disagree! He did not require much encouragement to adopt the look and poise of a rock star and, inspired by the support of the local juveniles, lived that image to the hilt!

For the next couple of years Nevin played guitar in a variety of bands, including Rue and Killers, featuring songs by Black Sabbath, Kiss and other metal bands.

By the early '80s Nevin was no longer interested in cover songs and began to develop a style of original rock/metal composition, collaborating and playing with early Seattle metal bands Forced Entry, Coven and Metal Gods.

 In 1987 Nevin formed River's Edge and produced their debut demo, drawing on ten years of compositional experience. The band played throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas, garnering tremendous support and earning recognition by radio station K.I.S.W.  “Seattle’s best rock”.

In 1991 River's Edge took a brief hiatus, but soon local rock stations announced that they had reformed under a new name, Crystal Rain, with the addition of Tom Ferry on bass & vocals. Playing a high energy power rock style that was ahead of it’s time, Crystal Rain's shredding guitar and power vocals made them a local favorite.

In 1993 Nevin reformed the band as Bad Apple, featuring his trademark high energy vocals and incediary riffs. Bad Apple produced two demos and staged several showcases, but Nevin was getting tired of the constant problems of leading such a fiery bunch of musicians and disbanded the band. He left Seattle in 1994 and headed south to Southern California, settling in the sleepy seaside town of San Clemente.

On a sudden impulse Nevin checked out the musicians wanted section of the local Recycler magazine and answered Mike Ashcroft's ad for a singer. The result of their meeting led to the formation of EGO, and the production of the first EGO CD.

Nevin's Bio