owes its style to two very different musical forces.
Michael Ashcroft is very much a product of England’s ‘70s progressive art rock movement, and its influences remain with him, but his musical interests have always been much more diverse, as can be heard in the blues, metal and melodic elements in EGO's progressive hard rock style.

Nevin Appel was part of the late ‘80s Seattle music explosion that ushered in the powerful but short-lived grunge era,iout of which emerged Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and many others.
Nevin's intensity keeps
EGO rocking!

iiiiAll these influences are heard in EGO’s music, combining majestic iiiiorchestrations with heavy, soaring guitars and gritty emotional vocals.

iiiiWe hope that your discovery of EGO's website is as rewarding as was
iiiiiithe discovery of the EGO monument in the desert by those intrepid iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiadventurers on our CD cover..........whoever they are!

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